Uni-Android Tool – Version : 24.01

Uni-Android Tool – Version : 24.01

Release Notes:

Added Following Models with Following Support

>> – [Added] Qualcomm Root [EDL mode] – Mostly All Qualcomm Devices Supported New!

This Root Method Supports all unlocked bootloader Devices.
This Root Method works on the device without touching partitions like data, system, cache.
This Root Method works even after the factory resetting of Device.
This Root Method Supports All Android OS 2.x-4.x-5.x-6.x-7.x-8.x-9.x
This Root Method will help for Enabling Diag. Port.
This Root Method will allow to Install 3rd Party Applications.

>> – [Added] Qualcomm UnRoot [EDL Mode], for Devices Rooted by UAT New!
>> – [Added] Xiaomi Enable Diag. [ Without Root ] All Latest Xiaomi Models Supported New!

>> – Reset FRP – [EDL Mode / ADB Mode / Fastboot Mode]
>> – Format Method-1 and Method -2 [EDL mode]
>> – Backup Security [EDL Mode / ADB mode]
>> – Wipe Security [EDL mode /ADB Mode / Fastboot Mode]
>> – Restore Security [EDL Mode / ADB Mode]
>> – Reset Screen Locks [EDL Mode / ADB Mode [UnEncrypted Devices]]
>> – Read Pattern [EDL mode / ADB mode Android Version not higher than 5]
>> – Disable Screen Locks [EDL mode [Encrypted and UnCrypted Devices]]
>> – Reset Pattern [EDL mode / ADB mode]
>> – Remove Pin/Pass [EDL Mode ADB mode]
>> – Read Full Firmware in [EDL mode]
>> – Flashing [EDL Mode / Fastboot Mode]
>> – List/Read/Write/Wipe any Partations [EDL mode]
>> – Read / Write QCN [Diag Mode]
>> – Reset MI Account [EDL mode / Fastboot Mode]
>> – Repair IMEI [Diag. Mode]
>> – Fix Anti-relock [ADB Mode]
>> – Reboot From [ADB to EDL, DFU to EDL, FTM to EDL etc]
>> – [Fixed] lz4 Extraction on Win 10 64bit

Asus ZenFone Max (M1) ZB556KL (X00PD)
Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD550KL
Asus X00RD (zenfone Lite L1 ZA551KL)
Asus A001D (ZB634KL ZenFone Max Plus M2)
Asus A001D (ZB634KL ZenFone Max Shot)
Asus X01B (ZenFone Max Pro M2 ZB631K)
Asus X01B (ZenFone Max Pro M2 ZB630K)
Asus P002 (ZenPad 7.0 Z370KL)
Lenovo K10e70
Lenovo K3 Lemon K30-E
Lenovo K3 Lemon K30-T
Lenovo K3 Lemon K31-T3
Lenovo K3 Lemon K30-TM
Lenovo K3 Lemon K30-W
Lenovo TB-8703X (Tab3 8 Plus)
Lenovo TB-8704F (Tab 4 Plus)
Lenovo TB-8504X Tab 4 8
Lenovo S60-A
Lenovo S60-T
Lenovo S60-W
Lenovo S580
Lenovo S856
Lenovo S90-A
Lenovo S90-E
Lenovo S90-T
Lenovo S90-U
Hisense HS-E76
Hisense HS-E76 Mini
Hisense HS-F26
Panasonic Eluga Mark
Panasonic P95 EB-90S50P95B
Xiaomi MI 6x (wayne)
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (Lavender)
ZTE Blade Force N9517
ZTE Blade S6 Plus
ZTE Blade S7 T920
ZTE Blade V8Q V0840
ZTE Nubia Z9 NX508J
ZTE Nubia Z11 NX531J
ZTE Tempo Go N9137
ZTE V5 Pro N9339St
ZTE Visible R2 Z5151V

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