Uni-Android Tool [UAT] Version 20.02 Released

Uni-Android Tool [UAT] Version 20.02 Released

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What is New ?
Fixed Samsung FRP issue
Fixed and Improved Samsung Flasher
Improved Qualcomm Protocol Speed
Improved Xiaomi Mi Reset Method
Added Disable MI Account by ADB method
Read Pattern in EDL Mode is Improved
Firmware Backup is Improved and is Compatible with QFil
Qualcomm Flasher is Improved and Fixed
Zte Flasher is Improved and Fixed
Loader Sending failed for some devices is fixed
Qualcomm IMEI Methods are Improved and fixed
Asus Models IMEI Repair Method is Improved.

A001 (ZenFone 3 Ultra ZU680KL)
A002 (ZenFone AR ZS571KL)
A006 (ZenFone V V520KL)
A007 (ZenFone Live ZB501KL)
A009 (ZenFone V Live V500KL)
P024 (ZenPad 8.0 Z380KL)
Z01RD (ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL)
X007D (ZenFone Go ZB552KL)
X009D (ZenFone Go ZB450KL)
X00AD (ZenFone Go ZB500KL)
X00AD (ZenFone Go ZB551KL)
X00BD (ZenFone Go ZB500KG)
X00DD (ZenFone 3 Max ZC553KL)
X00HD (ZenFone 4 Max ZC520KL)
X00ID (ZenFone 4 Max ZC554KL)
X00LD (ZenFone 4 Selfie ZD553KL)
X00LDB (ZenFone 4 Selfie ZB553KL)
X00PD (ZenFone Max M1 ZB555KL) [MSM 8917]
X00PD (ZenFone Max M1 ZB555KL) [MSM 8937]
X00QD (ZenFone 5 ZE620KL 2018)
X00QD (ZenFone 5Z ZE620K 2018)
X014D (ZenFone Go ZB452KG)
X017D (ZenFone 5 ZC600KL 2018)
X017D (ZenFone 5Q ZC600KL 2018)
Z00LD (ZenFone 2 Laser ZE550KL)
Z00MD (ZenFone 2 Laser ZE600KL)
Z00TD (ZenFone 2 Laser ZE551KL)
Z00UD (ZenFone Selfie ZD551KL)
Z00UDA (ZenFone Selfie ZD551KL)
Z00UDB (ZenFone Selfie ZD551KL)
Z00W (ZenFone 2 Laser ZE550KG)
Z00WD (ZenFone 2 Laser ZE550KG)
Z010D (ZenFone Max ZC550KL)
Z010DA (ZenFone Max ZC550KL)
Z011D (ZenFone 2 Laser ZE601KL)
Z012D (ZenFone 3 ZE552KL)
Z012DA (ZenFone 3 ZE552KL)
Z012DB (ZenFone 3 ZE552KL)
Z012DC (ZenFone 3 ZE552KL)
Z012DE (ZenFone 3 ZE552KL)
Z012S (ZenFone 3 ZE552KL)
Z016D (ZenFone 3 Deluxe ZS570KL)
Z017DA (ZenFone 3 ZE520KL)
Z017DB (ZenFone 3 ZE520KL)
Z018 (ZenFone 3 ZX550KL)
Z01BD (ZenFone 3 Laser ZC551KL)
Z01BDA (ZenFone 3 Laser ZC551KL)
Z01BDB (ZenFone 3 Laser ZC551KL)
Z01BDC (ZenFone 3 Laser ZC551KL)
Z01BS (ZenFone 3 Laser ZC551KL)
Z01FD (ZenFone 3 Deluxe ZS550KL)
Z01GD (ZenFone 4 Pro ZS551KL)
Z01H (ZenFone Zoom S ZE553KL)
Z01KD (ZenFone 4 ZE554KL)
Z01MD (ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552K)
Z01MD (ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552KL)
Z300M (ZenPad 10)
ZA550KL (ZenFone Live L1)
X00HDA (ZenFone 4 Max ZB520KL)

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