UMTv2/UMTPro – QcFire v4.2 – Safe Format, Updated IMEI Repair and more

UMTv2/UMTPro – QcFire v4.2 – Safe Format, Updated IMEI Repair and more…

What’s New:

– A22 Pro

– X820
– X829

– Tab 3 10 (YT3-X50M)
– TB2-X30F

– E460
– Q415

– Mirror 3

Plus One Japan
– FTU18A00

– Neffos Y5 (TP802A)

– eMax Mini

– Mi A2 Lite

– Overture 3 (Z851M)

Added Safe Format FS Function
– Software will ask if you want to use Safe Format on Format FS
– It will use factory method to Format FS
– Specially useful for Xiaomi Devices where userdata size was shrunk after Format

Added Heuristic Mode Tab
– This method is for protected phones like Vivo Nex etc.
– You need to select XML Firmwre folder to use this function
– If will auto detect if Read/Write is allowed and will use heuristic Format method
– It will work only if erase is allowed on such device

Updated Xiaomi Factory Reset in sideload
– Now it will read info and will confirm to Factory Reset
– Useful if you want to read only Firmware Version

Updated QCN Read/Write Method
– Now SPC error on many phones solved.

Updated IMEI Repair Function
– Hopefully it should fix null IMEI after repair process

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