UFi Software v. is available.

UFi Software v. is available.

We proudly announce new features:
MEIZU mediatek Devices:
Support Identify, Flashing,
Read & Write,as well as Clear User Lock, Disable Flyme Account,etc
LGE TOT Official Firmware Extraction,
OPPO New Official Firmware OFP Extraction,
XIAOMI Disable MiCloud Service ,
And So On….

Mirror 1 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bym1WEYBJ7K1dGE4cnNkZXVCX0E/view?usp=sharing
Mirror 2 : https://mega.nz/#!CgIUGRQL!151DKZgRi3BlHCWjmnXd6GFb8uRdqkZPikeErW9fKO8
Mirror 3 : https://www.mediafire.com/file/qb04liotwqjenku/UFI_v1.2.0.411_setup.7z

Release Notes:
eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Verify
Used to verify data from the specific partition of eMMC againts data from file.
ADD: Sector 0 read and write Nand Test before random
ADD: Auto listing brand from “Android ToolBox” firmware directory on Factory Image tab
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:

ADD: Disable MI Cloud Services
This Function will patch firmware version 8.0 and below on the fly while flashing
ADD: Automated [Coolpad] Factory Mode on firehose flashing procedure

[MediaTek tab]
ADD: Meizu SLA Auth support
With this support, now you can work all the Meizu Mediatek Devices just like general Mediatek Devices
ADD: Storage type selection
ADD: Bypass security moved to Special Task

[Qualcomm tab]
ADD: Support for Official LGE Tot Firmware extraction
ADD: UFS provisioning support for Qualcomm based devices
New “blank” UFS memory should be configured so the flashing procedure can be done.
Provisioning task will configure new UFS chip according to device partitions layout.
Provisioning UFS is a irrecoverable ONE time operation so make dure to select correct “provisioning xml”
ADD: “Show All Partition” option
ADD: Partial flashing support from userarea binary
ADD: Full erase before flash option

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