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Syscobox standar dari


Syscobox standar dari

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1 Pcs Syscobox
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Syscobox ARM eMMC programmer plus

1. Select devices and Check connection :
This function will allow you to select to use syscobox as interface or use sd card reader for raw access methode, and then you can check connection between sysco software and selected devices, all of supplies, clock, and IO ready to communicated or not

2. Configure connection :
This function will allow you to change :
– VCC value ( 2,8 volt – 3,3 volt )
– VCCQ value ( 1,8 volt – 3,3 volt )
– Clock / speed ( 1 Mhz – 52 Mhz )
– Bus width ( 1 / 4 / 8 ) interface
you can leave it default anyway or thick to the “ISP” profile if you make communicate to eMMC trough ISP methode

3. Identify target :
This function will start access to the eMMC, the sysco will acces the eMMC controler block and read the eMMC controler registry, such as :

from this registry syscobox will get information of eMMC, including the manufacturer ID ( Samsung, SKhynix, Sandisk, Toshiba, Kingston, etc )
the product name ( KJS00M, NJS00M, VTU00M, V2W00M, K8U00M, etc ) the serial number, the manufacture date, the eMMC firmware rev, the emmc version from ext_csd revision, the partition size of boot1 – boot2 – rpmb – user area, partiton configuration, status repartition, status write protect, etc. Sysco box also show information of android / OS ROM inside it ( if content not blank )

4. eMMC general procedure
Syscobox can access eMMC directly as binnary access, we can READ, WRITE ( binnary FILE, known as DUMP FILE ) or ERASE to the spesific partition :
– BOOT 1
– BOOT 2
– RPMB ( no need to access for now )
we can also backup or write the value of EXT_CSD to change partition configuration, resize partition, make enhanced GP to the USER AREA partition here

5. manualy execute configuration
Syscobox allow you to change / modifiy partition configuration, including which partition enable for boot, boot acknowledge sent or not during boot procedure
you can also change the size of boot and rpmb partition here, syscobox will change your eMMC partition size as you wish ( not all of eMMC models supported )

6. Write CID and Restore CID
When we replace eMMC IC to the MTK based phones, we need to check the list of eMMC supported in the preloader file of the target phones, we will faced the condition that we dont have any eMMC in the list, all you need to do is :
– make sure the replacement IC have same spesification
– choose eMMC / eMCP from samsung semiconductor
– do the ussual procedure to prepare and write eMMC
– do not forget to change eMMC product name to the one of eMMC name in the list of preloader, use write CID procedure ( Product name is a part inside CID )
and if something goes wrong, you can restore it to the original product name use the button of it

7. eMMC Testpoint ( #RE TP forced boot mode ) for dead eMMC
collection of picture that show te pin #TP position on the emmc

8. Disable permanent WRITE PROTECT
WRITE PROTECT is a eMMC features that make your eMMC only can read and cant be write, in this case the phones will be looks freeze, if we USB flash programming to the phone, it would not change anythings, when we do wipe, erase,…. the phone will still in previous state, even if the phone use custom wallpaper it will remain there.
normally we are give up use a USB flash procedure and decided to use eMMC direct programming, after identify syscobox will show you the eMMC WP features is active or not, if it active we can use this button to make the WP features disabled.

Note : WP status activated when your eMMC NAND block has a problems, maybe some bad blocks, maybe some communication distract, you must realize that your eMMC condition maybe isnt health enaugh, if the phones have some problems in the near future you need to replace the eMMC IC.

9. Nand TEST
this feature allow you to make some test to the random NAND sector, syscobox will write on it and verified it, please feel free to make few of NAND test clicking and clicking, make sure our eMMC is health enaugh.

10. Update eMMC firmware
this feature will write eMMC controler firmware, will make your eMMC to the default state, all logs will cleared, all register will restored to the original one, it will make your eMMC just like a new eMMC state
Note : not all of eMMC supported for this features

11. Factory erase & Factory reset
this features will clean up your NAND area just like new, clear and wipe all content inside of all partition, just like FLUSH it use “0”

12. Health report & smart report
this features will reporting the emmc status, emmc erased counter, how many bad blocks, ECC report,……

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