kabel magico  cable magico 

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kabel magico  cable magico for iphone ipad


kabel magico  cable magico  untuk iPhone dan iPad fungsi dan kegunaan seperti pada foto dan video

1. Enter “Restore” mode automatically: No pressing buttons! No replacing cables! One Restore-Easy, complete solution! Simple & fast! Foolproof & Zero-failure!

2. Support iPhone/iPad with non-functioning touch/keypads/switches! Easy way to restore and flash your device! Easy access to check your device’s Serial Number! A must-have when switching to a new iPhone/iPad!

3. Support flashing/restoring motherboards/logic boards for iPhone/iPad! Your best choice for flashing!

4. Support models: iPh 5S-8P, X-11 Pro Max; iPad Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4, Air, Air 2, 9.7, Pro 9.7, Pro 12.9, Pro 2 (10.5), Pro 2(12.9)….




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