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iFree Box

Mohon jangan memfoto dan memberikan SN BOX dan MRT serta tool lainnya anda ke siapapun dengan alasan apapun. Segala bentuk yang ditimbulkan akibat pemberian SN ke pihak lain, seperti error Auth Fail, ask support. Maka tidak kami layani.

Yang didapat :
1x iFREE BOX full set bawaan pabrik
1x Bonus DVD iFREE BOX
1x Bonus Group VVIP Facebook
1 KG x FREE kirim ke seluruh nusantara

Paket hemat lainnya klik https://www.tokopedia.com/yogyaphone?keyword=ifree%20box

Atau bisa wa ke 08122962665

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Features (ini akan terus berkembang, menyesuikan update kedepannya) :

  • One-Click unpacking WiFi Data of NAND on iPhone 8/8P/X
  • No need to remove NAND on iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X when removing / changing IC kits
  • Read / Write iPhone serial number, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi code, model, country, camera, and other SYSCFG data without disassembling
  • One-click entering into the DFU mode

Supported Models (ini akan terus berkembang, menyesuikan update kedepannya) :

  • iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X
  • iPad Mini 4, A1538, A1550
  • iPad 5 A1822
  • iPad 6 A1893
  • iPad Pro (10.5), A1701, A1709
  • iPad Pro 2 (12.9), A1670, A1671, A1821

Package Contents:

  • iFree Box – 1 pc.
  • USB Lightning cable – 1 pc.
  • Type-C USB cable – 1 pc.

Keterangan diatas dikutip dari https://gsmserver.com/ifree-box/

Frequently asked questions about the functions and uses of iFree

Q: Will I be charged for future upgrades?
A: Buy early and enjoy early, and upgrades are free in the future! No increase in volume! Continue to increase support models, buy late and increase prices to shoot thighs!

Q: What models are supported?
A: Currently supports iPhone 6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X and iPad models.

Q: Do you want to use it with a computer? Is there a software platform?
A: Free supporting software platform, which needs to be connected to a computer for network use, and supports Win7/8/10 system!

Q: Does the iPad model support it?
A: The iPad models are constantly updated, the hardware equipment remains unchanged, and the software can be supported by online upgrades and updates!

Q: Do I need to remove the hard drive for 8/8P/X repair and replacement of the WiFi chip?
A: The hard disk data of 8/8P/X model matches the WiFi chip encryption, so the repair and replacement of the WiFi chip must unbind the hard disk data once, without disassembling the hard disk chip one-click unbinding! Free of disassembly! Free of disassembly!

Q: What data can be programmed for hard disk data?
A: Hard disk bottom layer, serial number, model, region, color, WiFi code, Bluetooth code, cellular code, motherboard code, supervision code, fingerprint code, fingerprint string, LCD code, battery code, front camera code, rear camera code, Cover code.

Q: Can I live with Aisi Green?
A: Green is only for machines that have not been connected to Aisi. You can use 3uTools or hourglass inspection software to read the data, and then modify the data through iFree Box without disassembling the hard drive. After data modification is completed, check it again with 3uTools or hourglass inspection software Whether the read value is the same as the factory value, if it is the same, it will be all green when connected to the Aisi assistant. Before the mobile phone connected to Aisi Assistant, Aisi recorded the red-hot machine, but it could not be changed to all green.

Q: Can I stay green after changing the camera?
A: Prerequisite 1 is to ensure that the mobile phone has not been connected to Aisi. Prerequisite 2 is that the production date of the camera must be earlier than the production date of the motherboard. If the production date of the camera is later than the motherboard date, it must be green. First, change the phone to an official replacement.

Q: In daily maintenance, what problems can iFree Box solve for you?
A1: iPhone 6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X models, hard drive capacity expansion, such as 16GB upgrade 128GB, read and write hard drive data requires iFree Box

A2: iPhone 8/8P/X repair and replacement WiFi To unbind the hard disk and WiFi encryption when using the chip, iFree Box

A3 is required: When the iPhone 6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X models move the kit, the hard disk chip is not required to be removed, and iFree is required to read and write hard disk data. Box

A4: Support for updated iPad models in the future, support for unlocking, iFree Box is required to read and write hard disk data

Info diatas dari https://yogyaponsel.com/teknisihp/informasi-ifree-box-by-mrt-team/

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Masuk Purple iPhone 7 dengan iFREE BOX Original

Cara penggunaan iFREE BOX Original

Dilarang memberi SN Box kepada siapapun dan dimanapun 

Description :


  • This is a Last tool form mrt team 2020 year is a power full box for IOS Devices.
  • With this you can fix Iphone & Ipad after change WIFI IC the wifi is disable.
  • With this you can fix the iphone & ipad flash with itunes error ,like error 9.
  • With this you can change the Iphone & ipad SN WIFI BT …after change big rom disk IC.
  • With this you can repair ipad icloud ID lock.
  • With this you can do a lot more then you are thinking.
  • This will working with windows system platform, not need mac computer!!!
  • New product is a power full for IOS Devices.


NOTE: We don’t guide you how to use it make sure you know how to use it before buying it, however, you can still find solution or help from the official site or at https://www.martview-forum.com/forums/ifree-box-by-mrt-team.370/

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