Fast Charging USB Intelligent Fast Charger 6-Port

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Fast Charging USB Intelligent Fast Charger 6-Port


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6-port USB intelligent fast charger
SunShine SS-304D*




– Type: AC to DC
– Input voltage: 110-240V
– Input Current: 3000Amh (MAX)
– Output current: 5V
– LED function: yes
– Interface: USB
-Size 88x86x38mm

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1, high compatibility.
Super compatibility, You can easily achieve fast charging for IPAD, IPHONE,
SAMSUNG, XIAOMI, OPPO, VIVO, ALL ANDROID tablet computers and mobile phones, also other brand cell phone.
2, convenient and practical.
Simply connect an AC power cable with the phone to start charging, it can also
use for charing several cell phone simultaneously.
3, intelligent and convenient.
Using the latest digital products charging current intelligent automatic
detection function, protect your mp3, mp4, IPDA, DV, mobile, Digital cameras and
other digital product, greatly enhancing product safety and service life.
4, environmental protection.
high compatibility, charging objects unfettered, avoid using sevaral chargers.
Only AC-to-USB charging socket is enough for charging.
5. Wide range of applications
Apply to mobile phones, all kinds of tablet PC, Bluetooth audio, mobile power,
DV, Bluetooth hands-free, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and other digital products
with 5V USB output device, solve the trouble of lacking of charging port.
6. LCD display shows real-time charging condition.

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