RIFF Box eMMC Plugin – File System explorer for MTK added

Please download latest version of our great tool – eMMC Plugin v4.08.

Whats new:

Added full support for MTK internal partition descriptor
Added support for MTK MBR/EBR
Added file system explorer support for MTK models
Added manual selection of parsing method – now its possible to force parsing GPT/MBR in Samsung flash dumps (useful in cases with preloader in boot partition 1)
Added manual selection to force MTK MBR/EBR parsing instead of MTK Internal partition layout parsing.

Lets review most important functions present now:

File systems and partitions:

File system explorer which supports EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 and FAT32
Exporting detected partitions in raw binary format
Exporting detected partitions as logical drive
Exporting single files from file system in selected partition

Boot loaders, EFS, NVRAM or any other important partitions manipulation:

Load Full flash dump and export partitions to separate files
Load full flash dump and write GPT or any other partition to another eMMC chip
Load GPT and inject binary files into designated partitions (for example load boot loader files from firmware)
Read single partition raw binary
Write single partition raw binary
Build custom flash dump files
Read Product Info partition from HTC models and modify CID/IMEI/Simlock status.

Useful tips:

If flash dump with corrupted partition is loaded, “Out of Memory” message may appear after some time. This can be caused by corrupted directory structure where parser enters into loop. In such case, kill the application via task manager, save such partition as binary file and write it to usb flash disk as “disk image”. File system repair can be attempted and data salvaged using Windows or Linux tools.
MTK files with MBR styled layout need a bit longer time to be parsed and in case plugin appears to be frozen just give it some time

sumber informasi http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f634/riff-box-emmc-plugin-file-system-explorer-mtk-added-2398732/

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