Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.5.6 Release

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.5.6 Release Notes:

Added “Reset FRP” for the following devices:
AG Ultra 2 (thanks to Mr. shehzadmemon)
BLU Vivo XL3 (thanks to Mr. bedel, Bell666)
BQ Aquaris V
BQ Rich (5012L) (thanks to Mr. Faruxchik)
BQ Space X (5700L) (thanks to Mr. Faruxchik)
Coolpad C103
Coolpad Note 6 Lite N2
Cubot H3 (thanks to Mr. ka4bygame and to Mr. Faruxchik)
Fly Nimbus 15 (FS457) (thanks to Mr. Faruxchik)
General Mobile GM6 (thanks to Mr. Unlocker AL)
Haier G51 (HM-G553-FL) (thanks to Mr. naje)
HighScreen Easy Power Pro (thanks to Mr. Faruxchik)
Hisense U989 (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
Hurricane Galaxay (thanks to Mr. shehzadmemon)
Hurricane Icon (thanks to Mr. shehzadmemon)
Hurricane Splash (thanks to Mr. saleem5001)
Hurricane Wave (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
Ibrit Z2 Lite (thanks to Mr. nandapal)
Infinix Smart 2 Pro (X5514) (thanks to Mr. profkefah)
Infinix Smart 2 Pro (X5514D) (thanks to Mr. profkefah)
Infinix Zero 4 X555 (thanks to Mr. gunit1)
Itel A52S Lite (thanks to Mr. cheyn, Bell666)
Konrow CoolFive Plus (thanks to Mr. blinet)
Logicom Le Up (thanks to Mr. zineelhada, Bell666)
Lyf Wind 7i (LS-5016) (thanks to Mr. Wasim007)
MegaFon Login 4 LTE
Motorola Moto Z3 / Messi (XT1929-15)
Motorola Moto Z3 / Messi (XT1929-17) (thanks to Mr. Trapbay)
Netsurfer 175HS1050231 (thanks to Mr. CHAUDHRAY ARSHAD)
Netsurfer 176HS1050232 (thanks to Mr. Bell666)
Nomi Beat M1 i4500
Prestigio MultiPad Grace PMT3118 3G (thanks to Mr. hiryrGGSM)
Prestigio MultiPhone Wize R3 (PSP3423 DUO) (thanks to Mr. 0961689684)
Qilive Q8 / N501 (thanks to Mr. lovelyboy)
Servicom Smart III (thanks to Mr. soulay)
Symphony V135 (thanks to Mr. pintu_das)
Symphony Roar V150 (thanks to Mr. pintu_das)
TP-Link Neighs C5L (TP601A) (thanks to Mr. shremal)
Ulefone S9 Pro (thanks to Mr. mgbhatti)
Walton Primo RH3 (thanks to Mr. khorsed_pabna)
WE T1 (thanks to Mr. md_admin)
Wiko Ridge Fab 4G
ZTE Blade L5 Plus (thanks to Mr. Unlocker AL)

New Samsung Combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area.
New unique Qualcomm USB loaders were added to Software Loaders’ Data Base.
All supported operations are described in details in Software manual (“Help” button in Software)

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