Miracle FRP Tool 1.27 125+ Models Added {Fastest Update}

More then Millions Mobile Supported
Version 1.27 Released 21st Nov 2018

[X] Release Note MIRACLE FRP Tool v1.27
1.Improve Meizu Support Preloader Port for FRP/Reset.
Meizu M2 Note
Meizu M3S
Meizu M5s
Meizu M5
Meizu M5c
Meizu M5 Note
Meizu U10
Meizu U20

2.Improve XiaoMi FRP/Reset.
Fix UFS Bugs

3.Add VIVO Y97/Y81s/Z3i Factory Reset.

4.Add new MTK/Qualcomm/SPD Models List.

5. More then 110 Models Supported.
Acer B1-780
Acer B1-830
Acer B3-A30 One 7
Alcatel 4047A
Alcatel 4047D
Alcatel 4047F
Alcatel 4047G
Alcatel 4047N
Alcatel 4047X
Alcatel 5044A
Alcatel 5044Y
Dexp E140
Dexp E150
Dexp E340
Dexp E345
Dexp E350
Dexp E440
Dexp EL350
Dexp ES145
Dexp ES155
Dexp ES260
Dexp ES355
Dexp ES450
Dexp ES550
Dexp ES750
Dexp ES950
Dexp M240
Dexp M445
Dexp M545
Dexp MS250
Dexp MS450
Dexp MS650
Dexp P140
Homtom HT16
Homtom HT16 Pro
Homtom HT17
Homtom HT17 Pro
Homtom HT20
Homtom HT20 Pro
Homtom HT26
Homtom HT27
Homtom HT27 Pro
Homtom HT3 HT3 Pro
Homtom HT30
Homtom HT30 Pro
Homtom HT37
Homtom HT5
Homtom HT50
Homtom HT6
Homtom HT7
Homtom HT7 Pro
Homtom HT70
Homtom S12
Homtom S16
Homtom S7
Homtom S8
Infocus IF9001
Infocus IF9007
Infocus IF9031
Infocus IF9035
Infocus M260
Infocus M415
Infocus M460
Infocus M500
Infocus M505
Infocus M530
Infocus M535
Infocus M550
Infocus M680
Infocus M808
Infocus M808I
Infocus S1
Infocus TSP
Symphony H120
Symphony H150
Symphony H175
Symphony H300
Symphony H400
Symphony H58
Symphony H60
Symphony Helio S20
Symphony i100
Symphony i110
Symphony M1
Symphony P10
Symphony P11
Symphony P6
Symphony P6 Pro
Symphony P9 Plus
Symphony V100
Symphony V130
Symphony V140
Symphony V32
Symphony V42
Symphony V46
Symphony V47
Symphony V49
Symphony V50
Symphony V52
Symphony V55
Symphony V60
Symphony V65
Symphony V65
Symphony V75
Symphony V75M
Symphony V80
Symphony V90
Symphony V95
Symphony V96
Symphony ZVI
Symphony ZVII

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