Infinity-Box Data Explorer

Infinity-Box Data Explorer

– Data extraction based on full reconstruction of file system

– Initial features
1. Phonebook records extraction from dump
2. Phonebook records export to TXT, VCF formats
3. Memory type auto detection (Manual selection also supported)
4. File system parameters (sector size, header type) auto detection (Manual selection also supported)

– Supported devices:
MTK with NOR flash types, in most cases based on CPU types like MT625x, MT626x, and some MT622x

Here is an information about Data Explorer software.
This software is a tool that helps to extract user’s data from full flash file that you can read from phone with Infnity software (or other tools that can build plain bin file as output).
In this thread we will post news and information about this software functions.

This software is a completely new separate and independent product that has no any relation with previous projects.
This means you should buy an Data Explorer Activation from your seller to be able to use this software.
Data Explorer Activation available for the next Infinity Products:
– Infinity-Box/Dongle
– Infinity [BEST]
– Infinity CDMA-Tool
– Infinity Content Extractor Dongle

If you have any kind of requests about feature and supported models please post it here. We hope to get detailed technical information about features/devices but not only “need update” text.
Thank you for your kind understanding !

Infinity Data Explorer software activation for Infinity 130 credit IOS


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