ADDED Hardware Solution HUAWEI NOVA 3

1, motherboard component location map
2, PMU output voltage measurement point and voltage value
3, no boot (no current)
4, no boot (small current)
5, do not boot (high current)
6, power-on timing diagram and physical point map
7, standby power off physical point map
8, VBAT_SYS, VBATT related device PCB diagram
9, RF emission frame diagram
10, RF receiving frame diagram
11, GSM transmission failure (GSM_HB/GSM_LB)
12, GSM reception failure (850/900/1800/1900)
13, WCDMA transmission failure B1/2/5/8
14, WCDMA reception failure B1/2/5/8
15. TD SCDMA transmission failure (B34/B39)
16, TD SCDMA reception failure (B34/B39)
17, FDD LTE launch failure B1/3/5/8
18, FDD LTE main set receiving fault B1/3/5/8
19. FDD LTE diversity reception failure B1/3/5/8
20, TDD LTE transmission failure (B34/B39/B38/B40/B41)
21, TDD LTE main set receiving failure (B34/B39/B38/B40/B41)
22. TDD LTE diversity reception failure (B34/B39/B38/B40/B41)
23, AFC failure
24, WIFI & BT failure
25, LCD display failure
26, touch failure
27, after the camera failure
28, the front camera failure
29, do not know the main card
30, do not know the secondary card
31, do not know the SD card
32, charging failure
33, do not know USB
34, receiving a fault
35, speaker failure
36, sending a message failure
37, headset failure
38. Gravity sensing failure
39, close to light failure
40, the front flash failure
41, after the flash failure
42, GPS failure
43. Motor failure
44, fingerprint failure
45, compass failure
46, OTG failure
47, CBT test list
48, PT test list
49, MT test list

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