eMMC Pro V1.13 Release ( MTK Scatter UI )

? eMMC Pro 1.13 Release Notes
[20 APRIL 2018]

? We are trying to make more powerful eMMC software with every each update
There are alof of optimizations and progress based on customers requests and demands.
# eMMC Pro V1.13
# Android MTK Scatter Flashing UI.
# Partition options displayed for MTK Devices
# ‘0x8’: ‘Revision 1.8 (for MMC v5.1)
# File close bug is fixed.

Thank you for all eMMC Pro Customers to keep sending us requests and suggestions .
There is a lot more to come

Best Regards
eMMC Pro Team

? download https://mega.nz/#!SQ1SXDaQ!PWOZfbLx6wUk5cSVXMRkdgV9l6ieY9WV1BAe6hh625U

? sumber informasi http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f988/emmc-pro-v1-13-release-mtk-scatter-ui-2387134/#post13089900

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