Month: August 2017

eMMC Pro 1.10 Release Notes [12 AUGUST 2017] ✦ eMMC RPBM Resize can be set upto 8 MB Size ✦ eMMC BOOT Resize set-up can be 1MB , 2MB , 3MB , 4MB , 5 MB, 6MB , 8MB ✦ GP1,GP2,GP3,GP4 can be activated upto 40MB Sizes ✦ Samsung Factory Reset Added. ✦ Samsung S.M.A.R.T Report added

eMMC Pro 1.10 Release Notes [12 AUGUST 2017] We are trying to make more powerful eMMC software with every each update There are alof of optimizations and progress based on customers requests and demands. ✦ [..]

Uni-Android Tool [UAT] Version 3.01 Released [31/07/2017]

What is New ? Added Write Certificate for following models Samsung Qualcomm SM-A3000 / SM-A3009/ SM-A300F/ SM-A300FU/ SM-A300G/ SM-A300H/ SM-A300HQ/ SM-A300M/ SM-A300XU/ SM-A300XZ/ SM-A300Y/ SM-A300YZ/ SM-A5000/ SM-A5009/ SM-A500F/ SM-A500F1 / SM-A500FQ/ SM-A500FU/ SM-A500G/ SM-A500H/ SM-A500HQ/ [..]

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